Reading over my first blog and exploring other student’s blogs from the CPCF class, I have found a large variety, but general consensus on the topic relating to mass media and the impact it has on our lives. It has been agreed upon by my classmates that media heavily influences our worldviews as a mass audience. I found a few blogs I strongly agreed with, and others not so much.  But mostly, after reading the blogs of others I have reinforced my own viewpoints and critically thought more about my own conflicts relating to the effects of mass media.

I found the most interesting blogs were the ones I didn’t agree with, which allowed me to consider other viewpoints. In particular, Abbey’s blog indirectly spoke about news stations and her disinterest, stating “I am more interested in the latest TMZ post then what Obama has to say about Syria” ( ). This contradicts my original statement “I don’t care what Miley Cyrus did at the VMA’s, I read the newspaper and watch the news to become informed about world topics, not celebrity mishaps”. It then occurred to me that there are thousands more people like Abbey than people who think like I do, which is why news coverage is changing to celebrity talk and advertisement instead of reporting world news. My point is that news stations are projecting topics the masses want to hear, and the power is more in our hands than I originally thought.

Shannon pointed out something I found very similar to my own life experience. She briefly spoke about her sister who had planned on travelling to Turkey for a work opportunity, but “with it being so close to Iraq and Iran, and negative stories about the violent acts, my family was very skeptical about the idea” ( Similar to my situation in travelling to Kenya, the media and other people discouraged Shannon’s sister from travelling to these foreign countries because of the violent connotations that surround the Middle East. The difference between Shannon’s sister and I was that I didn’t let negativity from others stop me from taking the trip of a lifetime, which allowed me to learn about the ‘other side’ of the cultural story that the news ignores.

I also found another blog by Patrick I found interesting. His main argument was very similar to mine, although his was more radical. He wrote “Often people are unable to tell the difference between reality and media hype” ( I was glad to read a blog that opposed the media like I did, and when I had challenged readers to think about messages media convey, Patrick was already criticizing. Unlike Abbey and Shannon, Patrick and I seem to formulate our opinions about the media on skepticism rather than believing everything the media throws at us.

After reflecting upon Abbey, Shannon, and Patrick’s blogs, along with metacognitive thinking about my first response, my ideas about media and news stations are stronger reinforced, but my world view has shifted once again as it will always continue to shift the more media comes into my life.