My media choices better inform me, however I am also guilty for choosing to not find important information through news stations or sources that focus on such topics. I used to watch the morning news every day before going to school but after a few months of doing this routine I realized that the news stations only focused on disasters and bad politics within Canada and the rest of the world. The benefits I found from watching the news each morning were fractional compared to how the morning news set the tone for my day. Like kirbychan.88 expresses, “Audiences do not have any choice to see or get what is shown on their television.” ( I think that because I was seeing too much negativity at once from news stations that it became overwhelming and started effecting me negatively. Once I turned the television off for good, I found my optimism and positive attitude started to grow, even if I was living in ignorance to the things happening in the world around me.

But have no fear! I was still curious in learning about things happening around the world, like LP10GL says “Even if it happens to be some sort of disaster…it’s all appealing when you are trying to simply become more knowledgeable about the world you’re living in.” ( I still wanted to be learning about things happening in the world, so I found my sources for topics relating to social, political, cultural and economic issues by other means.

 Social media and the internet have become great tools to become informed, because social media and news media have blended together. It’s nearly impossible to separate the two types of media; with that said I believe I find newsworthy stories regarding social, political, cultural and economic matters through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and newly WordPress. Since sites like Facebook allow a person post freely, when a big worldly issue arises that catches attention of the popular audience these issues appear on Facebook in response to others thoughts and opinions. Not only do I hear about news stories via Facebook, but I also hear the opinions of everyone responding to the issue because social media “…encourages a spark within us to do, or say more.” (, which helps me formulate my own opinion and expand my knowledge on such a situation.  

The power of social media and how it’s evolving to include news media makes it more accessible for people to become connected and informed about social, political, cultural, and economic matters.  In my case, social media has allowed me to become selectively informed about such issues around the world. I know that I am not always getting the ‘full picture’ like watching a news station would, but it keeps me in a more positive state and allows me to strengthen my opinions by simply logging onto Facebook.