It’s been a long time since I have shared a blog post. All of my previous posts were a part of University assignments or art projects but now I am writing for me. I don’t know if anybody else will ever stumble upon this blog or care to read the sentences I write, but that’s okay.

What do I write? So many things I could dabble into. I think that I should first say that I feel led back to this Blog by a Still Small voice. My blog has been brought up when showing my aunt my photography final, so I logged on and read my last post. It’s so evident that God was speaking into my life then, months before I had made the decision to return to church. Since then, writing has been brought up a few times in conversations with peers. I write all the time, but it’s very limited to my journal and an occasional insightful Facebook post of mine. So why am I writing now, at 12:52 in the night on a random Thursday? I’m still not sure, but by obedience I am here.

More times that not, we don’t know why God tells us to do things. We don’t understand that little whispering voice and often brush it off our shoulders like it was nothing. We crowd our lives with “busy” as an excuse to neglect the voice speaking to us. We stop becoming sensitive to the Holy Spirit, your ‘gut’ feeling as others might say. The first battle is slowing your pace in order to pay attention to what He is saying, and then the second part would be to act on obedience when what He says is not what we expect or want to hear.

I have this little prayer that has stuck with me for a while now, and I believe it really helps me become still and sensitive to the words of the Holy Spirit. “God, I ask that you give me the ears to hear what you speak, the eyes to see the works you are doing, and the discernment to understand what path you want my life to follow.” That’s kind of the jist of it. It changes slightly from time to time, but the idea is the same.

Anyways, I feel like I have filled my obedient duties of cracking the blog entry silence. Hopefully this will lead to more posts. Until next time, goodnight!